SCAPIN #1033

APO 500
22 June 1946
AG 800.217 (22 June 46) NR
(SCAPIN 1033)
THTROUGH : Central Liaison Office, Tokyo.
SUBJECT : Area Authorized for Japanese Fishing and Whaling.
References :
(a) FLTLOSCAP Serial No. 80 of 27 September 1945.
(b) SCAJAP Serial No.42 of 13 October 1945.
(c) SCAJAP Serial No.587 of 3 November 1945.

1. The provisions of references (a) and (b), and paragraphs 1 and 3 of reference (c) in so far as they relate to authorization of Japanese fishing areas, are rescinded.

2. Effective this date and until further notice Japanese fishing whaling and similar operations are authorized within the area bounded as follows : From a point midway between Nosappu Misaki and Kaigara Jima at approximately 43"23'North Latitude, 145"51'East Longitude ; to 43" North Latitude, 146"30'East Longitued : thence to 45"North Latitude, 165"East Longitude : thence south along 165th Meridian to 24"North Latitude ; west along the 24th Paralled to 123"East Longitude ; thence north to 26"North Latitude, 123"East Longitude ; thence to 32"30'North Latitude, 125"East Longitude ; thence to 33"North Latitude, 127"40'East Latitude ; thence to 40"North Latitude, 135"East Longitude ; to 45"30'North Latitude, 145"East Longitude rounding Soya Misaki at a distance of three (3) miles from shore ; south along 145th Meridian to a point three (3) miles off the coast of Hokkaido ; thence along a line three (3) miles off the coast of Hokkaido rounding Shiretoko Saki and passing through Nemuro Kaikyo to the starting point midway between Nosappu Misaki and Kaigara Jima.

3. Authorization in paragraph 2 above is subject to the following provisions ;
(a) Japanese vessels will not approach closer than twelve (12) miles to any island within the authorized area which lies south of 30North Latitude with the exception of Sofu Gan. Personnel from such vessels will not land on islands lying south of 30 North Latitude, except Sofu Gan. nor have contact with any inhabitants thereof.
(b)Japanese vessels or personnel thereof will not approached closer than twelve (12) miles to Takeshima (3715 North Latitude, 13153 East Longitude) nor have any contact with said island.

4. The present authorization does not established a precedent for any further extension of authorized fishing areas.

5. The present authorization is not an expression of allied policy relative to ultimate determination of national jurisdiction, international boundaries or fishing rights in the area concerned or in any other area.


(SGN'ed by)
Colonel, AGD,
Adjutant General.